Renovation of the historically significant “ La Serra” hamlet, lying below the Lake of Ninfa between Fanano and Sestola

An ancient hamlet

The first census of the hamlet was in the nineteenth century, (see 1881 map) and the older structures that are still standing date back from the early1900s.
“La Serra” is surrounded by enchanting landscapes , with view looking on to Mount Cimone, Libro Aperto, Spigolino and the Tuscan Emilian Apennines range.

“La Serra” is set within the skiing resort of Mount Cimone (see map), in the Frignano Park (parco del Frignano), bordering The Tuscan- Emilian National Park, recently designed by UNESCO a ''Man and Biosphere‘ heritage, with which it shares many features of wildlife, flora and landscape.

Pedestrian and vehicular accessibility

“La Serra”, with its villas and apartments is wholly accessible from the road, all year long, even in winter, during heavy snowfalls, both from Fanano and Sestola; in the summer season, as well as temperate healthy climate, it offers the possibility of hikes and picnics, since, over an above the nearby footpaths, managed by the Club Alpino Italiano(Italian Alpine Club), it is placed within a network of pedestrian itineraries (the ancient mule tracks) going through meadows and extensive beech woods.

“La Serra” is 1 Km from the Lake of Ninfa, following the ancient mule track that from Canevare goes directly to Serra and then reaches the Lake of Ninfa, or 2 Km it the paved road is taken.

Moreover "La Serra" enjoys an enviable location in Northern Central Italy, being equidistant to the two seas, the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic, and some of the most beautiful Italian towns: Florence, Bologna, Venice, Milan, Lucca and the cultural and artistic towns of the Emilian Romagna region.

View the historical hamlet "La Serra” on Mount Cimone (Fanano) in an enhanced map

The hamlet is 700 metres from the Cimoncino ski trails and lifts. (see chart)


Features of the homes: quality of the appurtenances, quality of the environment and the landscape.

The reconstructions have perfectly followed the original feel of the hamlets of the Modena mountainous regions, going back to Celtic huts, using local materials (stone walls, paving in stone slabs, door jambs and window frames in Firenzuola stone), preserving and enhancing the existing landscape ( preserving the original vegetation, retracing old mule tracks, packet dirt flooring on outside areas, and so on...) with an increase in the quality of the surroundings (getting rid of incongruous landscaping elements, preserving panoramic views, among others)

“La Serra” comprises four buildings, and once reconstruction is completed, it shall offer:

  • Three semidetached villas with private garden;
  • A detached villa with private garden;

  • Two terraced villas;

  • Three apartments with autonomous entrance one of with its own garden

Four of the nine apartments planned are free of architectural barriers, total access, day and night zones and bathrooms disabled friendly.

Each apartment has at least one parking space allotted and the possibility of a single car garage.

Urbanisations and structures

The heaviest renovation work was on the walls (certified anti seismic techniques) and on all the pre existing structures, such as the aqueduct, electrical wiring, LGP system, sewage, private driveway, with relative parking spaces.

“WI-FI “ connection is available for mobile phones and professional level internet use at a moderate price.

Heating is autonomous, fuel efficient, for each apartment, already fitted to be supplemented by wood/pellet stove or by a wood fireplace; the apartments fall within C and D energy classes, in any case with consumption below the 90 kwh/mq , keeping in mind that the walls shall be better isolated and windows and doors shall be now and in accordance with the most modern regulations on heat dispersion. Management of common area has limited costs because there consist only of the private aqueduct, 50 metres of driveway, and regular maintenance of sewers.

There is the possibility of installing modern safety and security systems in all of the dwellings (remote activation and turning off of heating, anti intrusion alarm, black out alarm, and so on)

Tax authorisations, certifications, reductions

The hamlet’s reconstruction project was approved by the Quality commission on 3/2/2014.

Upon execution of the deed the certificate of occupancy and all other certification of conformity to standards relative to structures and facilities shall be handed over.

buyers can have of tax reductions for reconstruction work (50%)

Available Facilities and Services

Upon request, at fixed prices, both on a one off and a subscription basis, depending also on the season, the following facilities and services are available:

1) Games, sports, recreational and fitness activities

2) Five-a-side pitch, tennis court, volley ball field, toddler’s playground, angling in the trout pond, sauna, barbeque.

3) Individual services (upon payment):

- garden maintenance

- periodical checks on the apartments

- periodical cleaning,

- hourly service (upon agreement)

- Skiing lessons by qualified instructors 

- baby sitting services

- assistance non self sufficient persons. 

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